Lease Return

Lease End Options

You may be wondering "what happens at the end of my lease?" In the months before your lease comes to an end, you'll receive several communications from us about your options and obligations. We will review with you the details of your lease agreement, discuss your options and answer any questions you may have. During this time, you can choose a path that best fits your needs and lifestyle. Choose from the following options to find out what to expect:

Option 1: I would like to get information on purchasing my leased vehicle.

Many of Toyota owners chose this option at the end of their lease because Toyotas vehicles are built to such a high standard. Contact any Sales or Finance Manager and they would be happy assist you 877-572-1130.

Option 2: I would like to turn in my leased vehicle and purchase or lease a new Toyota.

Well of course we can help you with this. Click here to view our Current Specials. Please contact any of our highly trained sales staff and arrange a test drive and trade evaluation 877-572-1130.

Some leasing Banks will charge you a Lease Termination Fee (Toyota Financial will not). You may also be charged for excess mileage above your contracted terms and/or any excessive wear and tear. Any such charges are not controlled by Toyota of Santa Barbara they are part of you lease agreement with the leasing Bank. Please also know that you will remain as the registered owner until the leasing bank re-sells the vehicle to another consumer. This re-sale process can take as long as several months.

Option 3: I would like to extend my current lease.

Please contact the Bank that your vehicle is leased with. For Toyota Financial Services, the toll-free number is 1-800-874-8822.

How to Return Your Leased Toyota?