Yelp Review from Hailey A. Santa Barbara, 5- Stars

The day before driving my 7 friends and I to Disneyland in my Toyota Sequoia, my trunk handle broke. I had several pieces of furniture in the trunk that would be impossible to get out without opening the trunk.

Long story short: it was going to cost $500 to fix and would take a day I didn't have. I was freaking out, but the assistant service manager Hai Le saved the day! He spent 40 mins pushing screw drivers into a small hole next to the handle trying to open it. I'd managed to break it in one of the most difficult ways to fix! He finally got the trunk open, then helped me tie down my stuff and the trunk so I could drive home and get everything out of the car.

He completely saved the day because I was able to get all the furniture out of the car and drive 7 of my friends to Disneyland. He didn't fix the handle (which I didn't want to anyways because $ and I'm getting a new car in a month anyways!) Plus, when he finished I asked where I should go to pay. He handed me his card and said not to worry about it and that he was glad to help. It was incredible customer service! He went out of his way to help!
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