Google Review from Suzette and Joe Cobb, Santa Barbara, 5-Stars

I had an amazing experience when I bought a brand new 2016 Camry from Sam Ladd!  He made the entire process so seamless and effortless that I felt privileged to buy a car from him.  As a former trainer for the state of California in customer service, wish I could have "exported" Sam into my classroom as a shining example of what exceptional customer service actually looks like.  There were no dreaded "high pressure" sales techniques commonly associated with buying a car.  Sam was expert and highly professional in presenting my husband and me with an unbiased,  emperically-based assessment of the 2016 Camry, which I had previously researched through Consumer Reports.  He thoroughly answered every question we asked about the car,  quickly found answers to our more technical questions, and treated us as though we were truly valued customers before we even signed our papers!  Sam exemplified for me, (and what I trained state employee students to look for) expert knowledge, professionalism ( so rare these days) , openness and transparency (even more rare) and a sincere friendliness and approachability not often experienced or encountered with buying a car.  To sum it up, as we say on EBay, I'll giving Sam five stars and the highest recommendation as an expert seller! 

Sam understands and practices a principle often not understood  about creating good relationships - it's all about communication!! This includes good listening skills, open body language, and, so important when selling any product, Approachability and "Likeability."

Santa Barbara Toyota is extremely fortunate to have such an exceptional asset in Sam Ladd.

As well as receiving exceptional customer service from Sam, I would like to compliment Bri Dohy.  She provided excellent service and very patient explanations regarding options in selecting the best financing program to meet our budget.  Again, no pressure in selecting payment options or attempting to sell us more services than we needed. Bri rated our 5-star appreciation and our "highest recommendation" award!

A final observation:  Santa Barbara Toyota management obviously promotes a workplace culture in which teamwork is encouraged, employees are empowered to put customer needs front-and-center,  and expert training is provided to arm employees with extensive knowledge about any vehicle on their lot!

We are fortunate in having Sants Barbara Toyota in our community.  No need to drive to Ventura, Los Angeles, or visit any other car dealership in Southern California.  We have the best right here at home.

I look forward to my partnership with the dealership and service department, which, I am sure, will carry forward the exceptional customer service I've come to expect and rely upon.

To Mr. Mike Caldwell,  General manager, I offer the following observation: you have set the bar for excellence very high, putting  your dealership head and shoulders above your competitors. You lead a team of exceptional people.  

Thank you for providing me, and our community, with such exceptional service.
You are a credit to the entire Toyota family, of which I am now a proud member.

Suzette and Joe
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