Is Toyota the Longest Lasting Car Brand?

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If you've been in the market for a new car, truck, SUV or minivan, you surely want a vehicle that will last you for years and miles to come. Thankfully, when you visit Toyota of Santa Barbara, you'll be treated to a wide range of Toyota models that are among the longest lasting vehicles on the road today! According to a 2019 study performed by, Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs make up two-thirds of the top 15 car brands that owners keep for 15 years or longer. Our Toyota dealership in Goleta, CA, is beyond proud to host the longest lasting brand on our lot, so stop by today and test-drive these reliable Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs for yourself.

According to, these are the top 15 cars that owners keep for 15 years or longer:

Rank Model % Original Owners
Keeping Car for 15+ Years
Compared to Average
1 Toyota Highlander 18.5% 2.5x
2 Toyota Prius 16.2% 2.2x
3 Toyota Sienna 16.1% 2.2x
4 Honda Pilot 15.3% 2x
5 Toyota Tundra 14.1% 1.9x
6 Toyota Sequoia 13.5% 1.8x
7 Toyota Tacoma 13.4% 1.8x
8 Honda Odyssey 12.6% 1.7x
9 Honda CR-V 12.4% 1.7x
10 Subaru Forester 12.1% 1.6x
11 Toyota RAV4 12.1% 1.6x
12 Toyota Camry 11.5% 1.5x
13 Acura MDX 11.4% 1.5x
14 Toyota 4Runner 11.2% 1.5x
15 Toyota Avalon 10.8% 1.4x
Average for AllCars 6.8%

As you can see, Toyota vehicles make up 10 out of the 15 vehicles listed here. That's exactly two-thirds. But that's not all. The Toyota Highlander topped the list for SUVs that owners keep for 15 years or more, and the Toyota Tundra was No. 1 on the list of trucks that drivers keep for 15 years or more. Why drive anything else when you can get behind the wheel of an SUV, car, truck or minivan that will keep you satisfied for a decade-and-a-half?

Learn about the new Toyota vehicles in our inventory and test-drive any of these dependable models today. We can't wait to get you the keys to a vehicle that will stand the test of time!

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