Toyota Vehicle Protection Plans near Carpinteria, CA

If you're looking for a Vehicle Protection Program, look no further than Toyota of Santa Barbara. We offer reliable service agreements, competitive pre-paid maintenance plans and a variety of products to help keep you covered down the road.


When you choose to buy a Toyota, you're investing in a vehicle that will keep you company on every journey, no matter where you're heading. Because your car, truck or SUV is important to you, you can make sure it's protected from every angle with the selection of Toyota vehicle protection plans at our Toyota dealership near Carpinteria, CA. Learn more about these six Toyota protection plans, and don't hesitate to call Toyota of Santa Barbara with any questions you may have.

Our Santa Barbara Toyota dealer can provide you with vehicle service agreements that cover everything from basic mechanical breakdowns to travel protection benefits. These extend beyond the original factory warranty, so you don't have to stress about repairs after the first few years of ownership. Depending on the mileage and age of your Toyota, you can pay for up to 120,000 miles of service coverage. There are five coverage levels for you to consider: Platinum, Gold Plus, Gold, Silver and Powertrain. Ask our Toyota team about what each of these plans encompasses!

Five Coverage Levels*

  • Platinum Coverage
  • Gold Plus Coverage
  • Gold Coverage
  • Silver Coverage
  • Powertrain Coverage

* Coverage level availability may be limited based on the age, mileage, make and model of your vehicle. Deductibles may apply.


You can save money throughout the lifetime of your Toyota with a Toyota Car Care Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan. This plan helps you make sure you stay current with factory-recommended maintenance, which is important if you want to avoid more costly repairs. With the Toyota pre-paid maintenance program, you can schedule maintenance visits months in advance and use your coupon booklet for Toyota service.

The Car Care Service Plan includes valuable maintenance services that help you keep your vehicle qualified for factory warranty protection.

The Car Care Service Plan is simple:

  • Maintenance visits can be pre-scheduled.
  • Bring your car and coupon booklet to your service department.

Major repairs on today's automobiles can be costly. Help protect your investment and your peace of mind with a Car Care Service Plan.


Regardless of how carefully you drive, accidents can still occur on the road. That's why we suggest buying a Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) plan to help cover the difference between the insurance reimbursement and the total cost of the vehicle in the event your car is totaled. This gap can be several thousands of dollars depending on how close you were to the end of your finance terms, so investing in a GAP plan could really pay off in the future.


When you encounter debris on the road or poor road surface conditions, your tires may be damaged. Keep your peace of mind with the Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection plan that can cover the cost of tire repairs and replacements. Your wheels will be replaced at no cost if they cannot be balanced, hold air or maintain structural integrity. 


If you lease a Toyota at our Santa Barbara dealership, you can opt for the Leased Vehicle Wear & Tear Plan. With this warranty, up to $7,500 of the costs incurred from excessive wear and tear during your lease term can be waived. This can include scratches, dents, dings and more. To use this warranty, you have to return your Toyota prior to or within a year of the original scheduled maturity date on your contract and you can't choose to buy the vehicle you leased.


Xzilon Green™ Long Lasting Vehicle Protection

Take advantage of Xzilon Green™ products to keep your car's exterior and interior surfaces flawless for years to come. When those scorching summer days roll around, your vehicle will still be safe from environmental hazards and more. Xzilon™ provides you with the most extensive appearance protection in the auto industry, and our Toyota service technicians can apply it professional to keep your Toyota protected from::

  • Exterior Environmental Damage
  • Exterior Insect Damage
  • Exterior Water Spot, Tree Sap & Bird Drop Etching
  • Interior UV Damage
  • Interior Stains

Xzilon Green™ performs in heat, when other products fail. Many waxes and sealants emulsify (or break down) with the kind of surface heat that can occur on a sunny day.

The performance of Xzilon Green™ is warrantied for up to 5 years.

Get a Vehicle Protection Plan at Toyota of Santa Barbara.

Once you decide which option is best for you, the team at Toyota of Santa Barbara will be happy to help you get it.

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